By recycling instead of throwing away   we help  to stop the island filling up with rubbish and get more out of the money we have already spent.  This is a free service to help with recycling on the island.

Farm Supplies / Organic Matter

Farmers and gardeners need fertiliser.  The soil on Koh Phangan is not always very rich in nutrients and can be difficult to work with.

Maybe you are a restaurant that could start separating your organic waste and offering it to farmers so they can compost it?  This will reduce your waste and the smell it makes.

At the moment if you want to buy compost you have to order from the main land.  Why not set up a business making and selling compost I’m sure the garden centres would appreciate it?

Building Supplies

Maybe you just built a house and have left over materials?  They are lying around looking messing and rotting away.  Why not see if someone else could use them.  It might stop  an old tree being chopped down that will never grow back in your children’s lifetime and you could get some money back.

Local Produce:

If you are growing or making something locally on the island, please feel free to list it here.  If it’s grown or made locally then it’s helping the community.

Bio-degradable products:

This section is for sustainably produced or bio-degradable straws, bags, or packaging.

Household Goods:

Something you don’t need anymore?  You can sell or give it away here,  or why not take it to one of the second hand shops if it’s taking  up space.

Services Offered

Do you have a skill or service you are happy to swap?  Offer it in exchange for something listed elsewhere on the site or post it and let people get in touch with you.


If you are looking for something or a service post it here and if someone has the thing you want they can get in touch with you.

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